Turnkey Solutions

Klaki provides turnkey solutions for automated production lines. We work closely with our customers to realize their needs and find an efficient solution for their production.

We design, manufacture, install and commission mechanical components, pneumatic-, hydraulic-, electrical- and industrial control systems with all accompanying software.

All our products bare a CE marking and conform to food-grade standards where applicable.

Our goal is then to minimize downtime and optimizing the quality of your production by offering stand-out service.

Processing Lines for Vessels

Fresh Fish Vessels

Klaki has worked closely with domestic and global producers and shipyards, to design, build and commission reliable and durable processing equipment.

We offer smart solution for handling catch, e.g. a compact bleeding system that accelerates and improves the bleeding process, and a vision system that performs automatic species detection and size grading of the catch.

Processing Lines for Vessels

Freezing Vessels

Klaki recently supplied a processing line aboard Nesfiskur's Baldvin Njalsson GK 400, the project included everything from the receiving area into freezing, e.g. conveying systems, washing bins and trimming lines.

Turnkey Solutions for Vessels

Automated Fish Holds

The frequency of severe work accidents in fishholds is alarmingly high, and we have strived to design safe and ergonomic working environments for crews.

Klaki's automated fish hold is our latest contribution to the matter, but this unmanned, fully automated tub storage system has been designed to the most stringent reliability requirements.

The solution is highly scalable and therefore suits most vessel sizes and shapes.

Onshore Systems

Production Lines

We help you improve your production - Klaki has designed, built and commissioned automation systems in the seafood sector, food processing, recycling plants and pharmaceutical industries to name a few.

Our systems are CE conformant, and adhere to food-grade and clean-room standards as necessary.

We help you streamline your operation, by offering automatic solutions in quality inspection with computer vision and image analysis software.

Work Orders & Enquiries

Contact us

At Klaki, we have a stand out team of specialists, designers and machinists - we help you solve many of the problems that your production faces.

Get in touch online, drop us a line at klaki (at) klaki.is or give us a call at (+354) 554 0000.