Innovative thinking for half a century

"On thin ice" for 50 years

1972 – Klaki's Founding

In Iceland, we have around 100 words to describe ice and snow. Klaki is one of them. Benedikt Sigurdsson was an ingenious innovator. He traveled across Iceland, to visit processing plants, and made an effort to solve some of the production problems they were facing. The need for conveying solutions was widespread, so he got the idea of producing gravity rollers to convey boxes and trays. He soon invested his family's savings in steel, bearings and profiles, and upon informing his wife of his idea, and that he would be producing them in their garage, she thought little of it, stating that "he would put them on thin ice" with his shenanigans. Benni, inventive as always, named the company "Ice Ltd" (Klaki s.f.).

1987 - Telescopic Conveyors

One of Klaki's most prosperous products has undoubtedly been the „telescope band“ but it has been sold in hundreds of units globally. The solution, a conveyor that can extend and retract, is particularly popular in fish holds, where room is sparse.

1989 - Vertical conveyors/ Fish lifts

Fish lifts are particularly well suited where there is a need to convey catch vertically. This compact solution saves space, with abundant having been sold worldwide.

1997 – The next generation

Two brothers from the Westman Islands, Bergur & Larus Olafsson, assumed operations over Klaki in 1997. Bergur had been a consultant and draftsman for various solutions from Klaki, through his consulting firm INTEK.

1998 - Fish pumps

Solve two vital aspects of whole fish processing, i.e. washing and transporting it to the next destination in the process. They have been used aboard ships and sold internationally.

2000 - Block ejectors

To extract frozen blocks of products from freezing trays, one requires a powerful ejecting device. Klaki's block ejectors have been praised for their dependability, simplicity and compactness.

2019 - A new chapter

The marine- and robotics engineers Oskar Petursson and Pall Helgason took over management at Klaki. They put increased effort into automation solutions that use robots and machine vision.

2020 - Processing lines for vessels

Klaki supplies the majority of processing equipment aboard one of Iceland's most technically perfect freezing trawlers. Klaki has throughout the time built and overhauled multiple, complete processing decks.

2021 - A turnkey processing solution for fresh fish trawlers

Klaki signed a contract with Rammi, for a turnkey solution to its latest vessel. The solution encompasses a complete processing line, from the receiving area, to tub-fill, and on to a fully automated, unmanned fish hold.

Quality handling of the resource and drastic improvements to labour tasks aboard are focal points of the design strategy.

2021 - Cobot capabilities

Klaki becomes a Certified System Integrator for Universal robots, the worlds biggest cobot producer.

2022 - Robot as a Service (RaaS)

Klaki offers robotic solutions in a service format, a brand new concept on the market.

2022 - Computer vision, image analysis and machine learning

Klaki finds new markets and invests in accelerating machine vision capabilities.

2022 - Robot reinforcements

Klaki proudly commences partnership with a global leader in robots - Yaskawa. Known for their Motoman robots, the enforcement means Klaki can integrate any fathomable robot solution.


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