Organizations face a problematic outlook. Long-term labour shortages have proven difficult, and supply chain disruptions and price hikes has demanded more sustainable and responsible operation.

Recent advancements in computer vision and deep learning, and their integration in industrial- and collaborative robot systems, has allowed producers to solve technically challenging tasks that could previously only be accomplished with manual labour.

Klaki is Yaskawa's partner for robotics integrations in Iceland (Yaskawa Select Partner) and a Certified System Integrator for Universal Robots (UR Certified System Integrator).

At Klaki, we have specialists in the field of robotics, machine learning, computer vision, mechanical- and electrical design, that will find an efficient solution to your production needs.

High Diversity - Variable Througput

Production Solutions

We have developed solutions for various industried, e.g. packaging of DOYPACK® pouches in carton boxes, handling of pouches for trays, gel-bag packaging in carton boxes and automated filling of medical syringes.

We find efficient solutions for high diversity production streams, that require varying throughput levels.

For high diversity orders


We offer fast, palletizers with high throughput that meet the demands of diverse manufacturing and production.

Infeed of material to the robot cells are automated.

Systems may be integrated with (Enterprise Resource Planning systems ERP) to control the product flow and assembly of orders.

We can offer conveying- and shuttle systems from Interroll that guarantee gentle handling of exterior packaging, as they are not pushed, nor do they touch during buffering.

Automatic palletizing is performed with robust, reliable industrial robots, and the outfeed of completed orders is done with trolleys or automated guided vehicles (e.g automatic guided vehicle, AGV), that transport them for wrapping. Each robot is capable of loading six orders simultaneously.

We solve most box- and pallet sizes in a single system, with no configuration required.

Low Diversity


We offer simple and scalable solutions for palletizing, that suit producers that manufacture fewer product numbers at a time, up to diverse productions with high throughput.

Our systems either used industrial robots that require safety barriers, or collaborative robots that are permitted to work beside human operators.

The systems can be made to handle various box sizes concurrently, handle high stacking heights and have a remarkably compact footprint.

Quality inspection, grading and analysis

Computer Vision

Advancements in deep-learning and computer vision technologies can create a competitive edge for your organization, by improving your product reliability and adding value, as it can removes human biases from inspection and qualitative tasks.

Using computer vision, we perform quality inspection and analyses, such as 2D or 3D (anomaly detection) measurements. We have developed fine grained species classification and size estimation algorithms for precise grading of whole fish.

Work Orders & Enquiries

Contact us

At Klaki, we have a stand out team of specialists, designers and machinists - we help you solve many of the problems that your production faces.

Get in touch online, drop us a line at klaki (at) or give us a call at (+354) 554 0000.

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